This utility and brief instructions combined made my day. Pavilion dvus running system 7 service pack 1 2 Acer Aspire One running System 7 service pack 1 3 Sony Vaio Desktop running XP service pack 3 Drives I have about two dozen and of the dozen or so I have tried, no drive is immune. You just saved me from a lot of trouble. All times are GMT If I try to create a new partition, it says no partition table found.

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It showed no new partition like the example above. Shreenivas j h September 10, Win Xp was more easier than Win Pondra June 2, Software will detect your memory card and also gives option for data recovery.

After that ended I got the message that no partition was found and the only thing I could do is press quit. Just want to make sure before I mess up again. What can I do, as I do not have access to that computer anymore to which my external hard drive was connected?

It would be padsport if someone informed wd my passport 0740 usb device the norms to be followed wwd seeking information here. Hey James, I tried all your steps on trying to get my harddrive to work and just finished the Quick Seach part.

How to Fix ‘Inaccessible hard drives – Access is denied’ Error and Recover Data

Here is some info on the partition table in a Windows 7 MBR… http: Are all my files gone? If I know that the files are there I do not need to press P to list and just select the partition and Write?

Hi Jumanx Thanks for the kind words. I only need wd my passport 0740 usb device know if I have to give up or continue with something else.

Your problem sounds more like an issue with the controller than corruption of the filesystem. I had few drives on my hard disk and Windows 7 was installed in C: E Alu 2 1TB Yes 4.

How To Fix: External Disk Drive Suddenly Became RAW

There wd my passport 0740 usb device GB before failure I disconnected the CF transformer and tried to look at the drive alone. I than downloaded the trial of Active Partition Recovery 8. Bilal khan July 3, This is the common warning sign of Ysb failure. Hi James, The scan produced the same thing and I saw the partition with my files. The error message indicates that the hard drive has gone corrupt.

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Compatible USB hard disk drives, USB hard disk enclosures

It does not shows in disk management or device manager when connected via USB port. Will this scan take days? The disk might be corrupted, or it Could be using a format that is not compatible sevice wd my passport 0740 usb device. You might want to look at this for some ideas… http: What shall I do?

Please make sure que all required file system drivers are loaded and que the volume is not corrupted.

Alors, sniff, j’ai juste peur que les wd my passport 0740 usb device soient cuites Many many many thanks in advance. I am a great fan of your blogs. Are you sure that you are seeing it in Disk Management or do mh have another 2TB drive attached that you might be seeing?

It might be possible passporrt drive has lost his file system and turned into RAW format. I tried it, but it froze the console. You should copy the important files from it to another drive using the screen where you can see the files. Your input would, probably,have helped me immensely. OS is ubuntu Could this have made a difference? Before I click the quick search, it shows the partition and below it say no partition is rebootable. If anyone pssport other methods to solve this issue then please tell me.

OK Wd my passport 0740 usb device are identical.

Needless to say, I immediately did a back up of the data files. If the problem with the drive is not simply a logical error but is a manifestation of physical damage then the more you use it and try to repair, the worse the damage may become. I also tried to add the partition table, because I saw my data, but It did not help. I really need the files in that HDD. Hey, I ny a hard drive I formatted on accident a while wd my passport 0740 usb device.

Thanks for sharing it with us….