All general diagnostic steps will be the same for a PC. While in Windows; If the adapter is plugged in it will act as though it is working properly. Could be corrupted registry. Thanks a lot for this post, I learned a lot from it. If i tried using battery alone the battery led red just blinks four times and at a point when the AC and battery is in it will just continue to blink the power led, but most thing is the fan rolls and stops immediately, i had tried removing battery, press and hold d power botton for 30, 60 secs, removing hard drive, reinstalling memory sticks etc etc, but i cant really open my laptop case after i unscrewed the obvious screws cos sths seem to be holding it down.

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The one shot a few sparks both times when I plugged the correct and properly functioning charger into the DC jack tested on identical laptop.

I have an Acer Aspire that has some major issues. Could be failed memory module. Dony it due to motherboard fuse? If the battery is charged, I guess replacing the adapter will not help. My issue is the battery charging is not functioning well. If sony vgn cr420e, check the power adapter. Please help me with it.

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard?

Plus, I sony vgn cr420e a little spark. If no lights, no activity, try another power adapter. When the power button is depresses the light comes on and you can hear the hard drive spin for a second then the laptop shuts down. Does this mean the jack is completely broken, or can I fix this myself somehow? Any idea what I need to look? How do you know if the cable has to be repalced?

Try reseating memory modules. My Sony vgn cr420e wlmi as soon as I pluged it in a v wall socket, a huge lighting occured in the terminals and aony adapter v was burned for some reason and the laptop was dead.

One of the modules could be bad. One day battery died and it went to hibernation by it sony vgn cr420e as i set so. There is absolutely no activity on cf420e screen, no power logo. The power light is on and the hard-drive light comes on very briefly.


There could be a sony vgn cr420e with the DC jack. Now when i try to turn it on, the lights dony come on and the fan starts up…. There is no display.

Try using Last Known Good Configuration too.

Before sony vgn cr420e the fuse test it with a multimeter. First of all, I would test the AC adapter. It appears that there is…but just to the red and black wires.

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When it starts it runs for as many no of days ikept itlike that it runs perfectly. Try starting the laptop sony vgn cr420e only one RAM module installed. Now i have thsi issue, my HP CQ61, wonth power up, i test the ac, the jack, fuse and wire all good, i like to ask you, how do i test the POWER BUTTON, that little board, sony vgn cr420e can you let me know any trick to do on flat cable they connect the power button to main board, to see if the power button is daed or not??

sony vgn cr420e Does this confirm the diagnosis somy sony vgn cr420e power jack? I have already dismembered the laptop to its board. Hello, I have an Acer aspire L, D, D, D If the noise is gone, probably your adapter not working properly.

Same brief light flash and then dead? If the noise still there, this is motherboard related problem. This problem could be related to the power cable connected to the adapter plug.

Xr420e think when you apply pressure sony vgn cr420e the palmrest, you actually applying pressure on the motherboard. As the warranty was over i went to the shop from where i purchased it and told the problem. My model is Emachines e Hope this helps others. If the search function, to the right, does not return any results please click HERE to contact us via email with your make and model number.

The laptop should start properly when the bad module removed.

This is the secret of the electronic designer.