Hello again Same Error From there please try both sata ports and different sata cables. Home Help Login Register. Maybe there are other websites where you can find an older driver maybe better suited. I have flashed to every single BIOS you have on your site, currently back to the latest available. My thought would be that with that mb you have to use an ide drive for the os, on ribbon one, position one, toggled as a master.

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May 11, Will have a look when I get home. It should work ,that is my opinion.

But, I do think Maxtor has the bulk of the problems here, with SiL to eventually blame. This was a hard decision, as I have been an avid user ga 7n400 pro2 system builder for Gigabyte for years.

Gigabyte Technology GA-7N400 Pro2, Socket A, AMD Motherboard

Your continued support is appreciated. It will copy the driver to the floppy disk automatically.

What I finally resorted to for a solution After 7h400 three days researching and testing the only solution I could come up with was replacing the board with a solution other than Silicon Graphics installed as the SATA RAID controller.

Without a doubt, compatibility is the most important ga 7n400 pro2 in buying a memory upgrade for your laptop or computer.

Gigabyte themselves were not much help with their fancy shmancy e-mail support and I will attach their responses.

Thats the error that shows up when the driver loaded for ga 7n400 pro2 HDD controller is wrong. Wilson Hines Seniorius Lurkius Registered: May 16, When you boot from the CD and the Windows setup screen comes up, press “F6” to install the 3rd party driver and follow the instruction to install the OS.

AHCI driver is not good gz it s not laoded. However, the problem was not solved with this, showing the inherent gq ga 7n400 pro2 the SiL Raid controller that is so frequently being attached to Gigabyte motherboards in the past year or so.

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ga 7n400 pro2 Check for viruses on you computer. If not then you will need to make sure you have the Sil Raid driver loaded once under windows then go into Disk Mangement for the hdd to ga 7n400 pro2 up so you can partition and format the drive. Then I receive the notice: If so then you pr2o need to create the array and follow the below procedure to setup sata for this motherboard.

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My thought would be that with that mb you have to use an ide drive for the os, on ribbon one, ga 7n400 pro2 one, toggled as a master.

There are serious flaws in their BIOS, all of them, and they can’t seem to sort it all out.

CompusMentis Ars Centurion Tribus: See what’s installed now. Home Help Login Register. May 14, May 12, But, more specifically this is a problem that is specific to only Silicon Image http: GA 7N Pro2 motherboard. Hense, your install can’t see the sata drive you’re installing to, and ga 7n400 pro2 win installer does not see it as a bootable drive.

Hi, We have tested up to gb sata hdd on this motherboard without any issue. Thank you Question – From: As to the raid vs base setting, I’d select raid to see if it will boot of the raid array 7n400. Thank you Answer – Answer: If you don t use 7n4400 PATA controller you ga 7n400 pro2 ba ga 7n400 pro2 off.

It is better to plan for the future and plan ahead. As it was once said to me on a flight from JFK Intl to Paris France on a Boeing right before lining up on the runway for takeoff, ‘You know this 7m400 was built with every part being developed and manufactured by the lowest bidder.